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Short term bucket truck rentals are a good option for many businesses.

  • Intermittent need of a bucket truck

  • Flexibility of equipment available

  • Need more reach than current bucket truck

  • Helps provide safety to aerial work

  • Test new crew members

  • Fills in for equipment needing repairs

  • Maintenance done by outside company

  • No capital investment



Short term rentals are available in the Atlanta area meeting our insurance requirements.

Insurance requirements:

Commercial vehicle policy which includes
Hired auto physical damage - minimum coverage of $25,000
General liability - minimum coverage of $500,000
Standard Truck, LLC as first loss payee.

You or your insurance agent may contact us with any questions. We provide safety equipment, including a body harness and lanyard, and a safety sheet. Please contact us for current equipment availability and rates. Thank you for your interest. We hope to see you soon.



Click here to see an example of Insurance COI





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